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Gaelic Parent & Toddler groups in the Highlands

Find a Gaelic parent and toddler group by using the the map below.

If you think there are any errors or that there is a group that is

missing from the map, let us know on

The Gaelic team at CALA

Many of the groups on the map above are supported by the Gaelic team at Care and Learning Alliance (CALA). For more information on this project and how to contact your local Gaelic Parent and Toddler Development Worker, click on the logo below:


Cultarlann Inbhir Nis

Cultarlann Inbhir Nis offers a number of activities to help you and your family strengthen your confidence with the language and be an active participant in the Gaelic speaking community of Inverness and the surrounding areas. For more information on their family walks, family activity sessions and 'Gàidhlig sa Bhaile' meet-ups, visit their Facebook page by clicking on the logo below:

Cultarlann Inbhir Nis.jpg

Starting your own group

Can't see a group in your area?
Why not start one!

Bòrd na Gàidhlig and Comann nam Pàrant have developed a comprehensive toolkit to help communities establish their own Gaelic parent and toddler groups.


The toolkit is available in sections as downloadable PDFs below:


Starting up

Financial management


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