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There are a whole host of prevailing misconceptions out there surrounding bilingualism. If you are unsure of how a child deals with two languages, why not visit our 'Bilingualism' section. 

There really is no need to worry. With a majority language like English, it is inevitable that your children will acquire it through exposure to TV shows, friends and the wider community.

Recognising prejudice against Gaelic

If someone is actively discouraging you from speaking to your child in Gaelic, it is important that you ask yourself the following questions;


  • Do I value this person's opinion?

  • What is their general opinion of Gaelic anyway? 

  • Is there something in their life that has given them this view e.g were they actively discouraged from speaking Gaelic as a child / told that Gaelic would “hold them back”?


Sacrificing English for Gaelic?

A misconception best left in the past

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