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Gaelic Parent & Toddler groups in the Western Isles

Find a Gaelic parent and toddler group by using the the map below.

If you think there are any errors or that there is a group that is

missing from the map, let us know on

'Thig a chluich' family learning sessions 2022

Gaelic play sessions aimed at children aged 0-3 and their parents/carers. You are invited to join us at our relaxed, fun, informal play sessions, in a supportive environment that encourages the use of Gaelic. Time for play, craft, stories and songs.

Copy of Blue School Timetable - Planner[17569].png

Starting your own group

Can't see a group in your area?
Why not start one!

Bòrd na Gàidhlig and Comann nam Pàrant have developed a comprehensive toolkit to help communities establish their own Gaelic parent and toddler groups.


The toolkit is available in sections as downloadable PDFs below:


Starting up

Financial management


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